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Typeface Logo Representation   We have Googled the word “Ambigram Synonyms”, we have scrolled down the searched results and we eventually found this website link: We think of…


real,genuine,dependable Because Combridge Dictionary is an authority tool to explain English words or show some similar words and sentences including this word . It is really helpfull to…


Three alternative words: image,arrange,words   I have found the resource by Google search. And through the picture to find the website.   The reason why I choose this…


Concrete poetry Guillaume Apollinaire drawings-poems


Modern. Curent. Existent. We chose the site because it includes everything that relates to the word ‘contemporary’


Modern. Current. Existing We chose this video because it is a good research topic.

De Stijl

De Stijl is a dutch artistic movement, meaning the style. It is a abstract art movement. 3 Chosen words: Symbolic Impressionistic Illusive


digital packaging print


Associated words: Greeting cards Magazines Record packaging We used words that describe the common usages of this technique. We found the source by searching for “Gatefold Design” on…


Multifaceted Extensive Comprehensive I use Google to search a dictionary website which can define this word. The reason why I choose these words is because the Cambridge Dictionary…